I want to be financially free so I can buy anything I want, at whatever time I want it, and live the way I want.” Does it sound like your desire? That’s the desire a friend expressed when I conversed with him a year ago. Unfortunately, he’s yet to receive his “want”.

Has life ever given you what you wished for? Maybe you can share with me if it did. What of your needs? Were they delivered to you just because you needed them?

Can you see from your own experiences that life doesn’t always give you what you want, wish for, or need?

Life gives only what you deserve. Yes, what you work for. As Jim Rohn said, “You can’t go to the soil and say give me some fruits and it will give you. But when you put in some seed, it says to you, have some fruit.”

It isn’t enough entering a new year with desires or needs or wants. You must be ready to produce the work that equals the result you want to see. And this material is here to help you do just that.

Do you want to get results like the successful people? Then here are 3 simple ways to approach your new year;

Dig into Your Previous Year’s Result

Have you any results? If yes, are they satisfying enough? If no, why not? What did you do well? What didn’t you do well? What did you leave out?

A new year may fail if the previous year can’t help it. Assessing the previous year’s result is like preparing the first step from which the New Year will take off.

When you don’t assess your results, the odds are high you may repeat the same mistakes, wrong approaches and ineffective acts that lead to your poor result in the previous year.

For those who had good result in the previous year, improving may prove difficult. Why? Because they wouldn’t know what they could improve on because of lack of assessment.

Your new year starts from your last year.

Create Clear Goals for the New Year

Most ships drown because of unclear weather. And most plane crushes are due to weather issues.

In your case the result may not be a drowning or a crushing. But you’ll miss the good fruit of a beautiful year. When your friends are glad and blessing the day, you’ll be wild, blaming and cursing it. I wish not that for you.

Just like the saying goes, don’t fly unless it’s a clear weather, so also don’t start the year without first seeing clearly what you want from it.

Decide on what you want in the year. Squeeze the details out of it. Plan every step until you know what to do and how to get it done at any given time.

You’ll succeed to the level your goals are clearly defined.

Act Promptly on Your Plans

Be like the cat. When we meet you, let us see you’ve been waiting just for the catch. Let’s smell the aroma of action all over you.

Your goals and plans are dead until you act on them. Action gives them life. Below is a conversation between a boss and his subordinate;

Boss: “Have you gotten any result?”

Subordinate: “No sir.”

Boss: “Any challenge?”

Subordinate: “No sir. I’ve not taken any action yet.”

It’s clear from the conversation above that, when you don’t act, you get no results.

Never forget. Life will only give you what you work for not just what you want or need.

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  1. God bless you bro


    1. Amen and amen, boss. And thank you very much.


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