Life serves you well when you’re decisive and clear. You’ve met the year, and it’s a proof there’s a duty for you to perform. But, have you decided on what you should work on? If yes, is it clear enough in your mind?

Individuals who succeed in life do so by first identifying where they want to go before taking off. Imagine a pilot taking off and setting forth into the sky, yet not sure of where exactly he is going. He’ll only burn fuel, waste precious time and energy and finally profit nothing.

Successful people find what they should do before they begin. Recap the days you lived without first identifying what you want to accomplish in it. How were those days? Did you achieve anything of value? Were you fulfilled in your inner man before going to bed?

Even God doesn’t begin with you until He’s sure you’ve seen, identified, or settled on what He wants you to do or where He wants you to go. In dealing with Jeremiah, God asked, “What do you see?” And when Jesus was dealing with the blind man, he asked the same question, “What do you see?” I’m asking you, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

You aren’t fit to set off until you’re fixed on what you should do.

What exactly do you seek to achieve this year? Have you seen anything, identified anything, or had any deep desire you wanted to fulfil? Do you believe it? To what extent? What are your plans? Imagine all factors play well. Do you see yourself getting to the end of that task? Can God trust you carrying out this duty?

A ship whose destination hasn’t been determined heads just anywhere. But I believe that isn’t your ship. Your ship has its destination clearly defined. And do you know what that does for you?

It makes you live each day with meaning. Hope and confidence become your bosom friends. Finding your destination before starting the year provides just enough motivation for each day. It serves as a pull on your life, taking you just where you should be.

Take the opportunity and set things in order. Use either your early morning or evening before bed. Tell God, “Help me find what I should do this year.” Then, sit or lay quietly and pay attention to your deep desires and the ideas that strike you. You may not receive an answer on the first day. But keep practicing until you receive a direction.

It’s better to be late and fruitful than starting early, yet in haziness and therefore losing all your twelve months to waste.

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  1. 🙏🏿🙏🏿God bless you sir
    And give you more inspiration


    1. Amen and amen my boss. I’m very much grateful.


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