Consider the problem you solved the last time. You first accepted there was a problem. And you also owned it. That’s why you could solve it. Is that true? Yes, else the solution would’ve slipped through your fingers. Problems which have not yet been solved have not yet been accepted and owned by their owners.

Do you remember anyone you have a grudge with that hasn’t been resolved yet? Why hasn’t it been resolved yet? I guess it’s because none of you is willing to accept or own the offense. Meanwhile, that’s where the solution begins.

Even God never forgives you until you first accept the offence and own it. It’s the same with prayer. He solves your problem you accept and therefore ask in prayer. He wired you to first acknowledge your problems or offences to receive solution to them.

Have you realized you never go to see the doctor until you first accept you’re sick? And have you also realized you never look for food to eat until you first accept you’re hungry? You wouldn’t make any effort to solve a problem until you first accept it.

Accepting there is a problem and owning it is the first step to birthing the energy that propels you to solve them. And it’s a blessing. Because that’s the only time you expose yourself to an avalanche of solutions.

Scarcely will you think about your problems if you don’t accept them. And if you don’t think about your problems, be sure you’re far from a solution, just like the separation between the rich man and Abraham in the Bible.

When it comes to problems, there’re three categories of people:

Those who never accept they have a problem. These people never agree they have an issue at hand that needs to be dealt with. You may know people like that. They’re broke, but they don’t want to accept it. They have character issues, but they wouldn’t settle down and accept it. Such people have no hope of receiving solution to their problems.

The second group is those who accept they have problems alright, but blame others, the government and the environment for it. This act of blaming and inventing excuses makes them shift responsibility to external systems. They have all the excuses and so they never get in charge of making the solution to come.

The last group of which I encourage you to be part if you aren’t part yet, is those who accept they have problems, own the problem and then take responsibility for the change they desire.

Faith works and grows in problem environments. That’s why when you accept you have a problem, not to settle with that, though, your faith is stirred up to solve it.

From today, practice accepting your problems and owning them when they come. Instead of saying “They gave me an F,” say “I had an F.” The second statement makes you feel you are responsible while the first one does not.

It’s true the economy is tough and the prices of things keep sky-rocketing. But imagine instead of saying “Things are expensive,” you rather say, “I am the one who can’t afford it.” Do you realize the positive power in that second statement? It makes you not only feel you’re in charge, but also makes you want to find a way of handling it.

Accept your problems. Own them. And take responsibility to solve them. As already mentioned, you wouldn’t make any effort to solve a problem until you first accept it.

Remember, problems which have not yet been solved have not yet been accepted and owned by their owners.

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  1. Awolba Baba Jones November 27, 2022 — 7:27 pm

    Very inspiring, great


    1. Thank you very much boss. God reward you greatly.


  2. Very insightful. I so much love this article. God bless bro


    1. Amen and amen, my boss. I’m very much humbled. Thank you so much.


  3. A very instructive and challenging piece. Thanks bro. 🙏


    1. I’m very much grateful my RO. You’re ever welcome. God reward you greatly.


  4. Hmmm 🤔, the very thing which have crippled a lot of People. Thank you Sir for the enlightenment. And God reward you abundantly.


    1. Yes oo, you’re very right. Amen and amen. I’m very much grateful, boss.


  5. Relatively true bro, thanks a lot


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. I’m very much grateful.


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