Have you realized it isn’t just the presence of a problem that makes you worry? Yes, the real worry begins when you aren’t sure you can solve it. Or when you remember you’re yet to find a list of options by which you want to solve it. And if you are able to find even some few, you get some relief. Yes, that’s the power of options. Finding them alone makes you feel your problem is half solved.

Life is all about finding a list of options, settling on the workable ones, and finally working with the most promising.

What do you think? Wouldn’t your life be more profitable and of good quality if when you have problems, you settle down, search for, organize, and work with the right set of options?

Back in 2014, when I had admission to study Applied Chemistry at the University for Development Studies, now C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS), I had a challenge combining studies with a full-time job.

Anytime I think about it, I feel cold within my members as if I’ve just drunk a glass of chilled water. It appeared like a giant mountain before me, and a look at it through the eyes of my mind only makes me believe I’m unable to handle it.

The situation ruled me just like a raging sea would drive a ship. And nothing changed until the day I opted for a list of options. I had a few. The most promising one was to study during vacations. I worked with it and I tell you, the payoff was great. I wasn’t only able to combine my full-time study with my full-time job without stress, I excelled.

Look at your problems. If you’ll seek enough options, I strongly believe most of them will be solved.  

Even God developed options. And He worked with options. After the fall of man in Eden, He came up with a list of options.

The use of one of such options was revealed when He chose to use the option of animal blood to solve the problem whiles waiting for the real, result producing and effective option of Jesus Christ coming in as the lamb to save humanity from their sins.

Before the World Health Organization (WHO) provided us with a list of options by which we could handle the situation, COVID-19 was a King. It created fear and panic. It imprisoned people, locked down companies, churches, schools and businesses. It drained the economies of countries. It snatched lives like a lion. And as long as we remained without a list of options, we were victims.

What freed the world from the fangs of COVID? A list of options. Yes, it was options. When we had enough of them, and we settled on the most promising, we got released from our prisons. We could go about our businesses now and worship God in our churches. Our children could go to school now and as for COVID-deaths, it appears we’ve divorced it.

How many are your problems? If you can find a number of options for each of them, then you’re likely to begin seeing your problems as small as grasshoppers. And then, you’ll solve them.

Settle down. Identify the particular problem you want to solve. Think on at least 10 ways by which the problem could be solved. Write the options on paper. Learn to always think on paper. Examine the options and see which ones are workable. Finally, go to work on the most promising one.

Remember, it takes a list of options to solve a problem.

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  1. Awolba Baba Jones November 13, 2022 — 5:49 pm

    Very true n useful, thank you very much


    1. You’re ever welcome, my boss. I’m very much grateful.


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