What have you been waiting for that hasn’t come yet? Have you found out whether it’s something that comes by itself? And if it’s something you have to work out, what’s the proof it will come just by merely waiting?

In reality, nothing comes by itself. Anything that ever landed in someone’s hand was worked out. And anything that ever happened was first initiated. Every effect was caused.  

The ancient book, the Bible, didn’t say you’ll reap what you wait for. Rather, you reap what you sow. In essence, there must be a cause, else the effect wouldn’t appear.

One power you possess as a person is the power to cause things to happen. It was in this regard God said, till the soil, work. He didn’t just mean work, as in getting involved in an activity. Rather, He wants you to be in charge, causing the changes you desired both in your personal life and in your environment.

Work things out. Don’t just sit and see things take their natural course. Get involved. Add the power of your creativity and adventure.

The poverty situation in your family is one area you can put your power to work. Be in charge. What do you desire to see aside the poverty? To what extent do you want to make your house rich? What actions do you want to take today to rescue the situation?

If something must change, you must do something. But it must be something different from what caused your current situation. Because, as Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Throughout history, no man ever just waited for promotion and it happened. Jesus Christ didn’t just wait to be given a name that’s above all names. He in himself caused that promotion to come. How? By paying the price of obedience to the instructions of his Father, God.

Have you forgotten of Joseph? His promotion to become a prime minister wasn’t a mistake. And it wasn’t just a product of mere waiting. His own work changed the course of his life.

Don’t just wait for promotions in life. Get to work. Be a master initiator of the things happening to you and those you desire. Don’t just leave it in the hands of your boss or your company or someone.

Promote your own self by what you’re becoming. True promotion starts from the individual. Your boss or your company only comes to recognize the growth that has happened within you by giving you either a higher position or a raise in salary. They didn’t cause it. You did.

Have you ever come across a marriage that became better just because they merely waited? Maybe we’re yet to see such a marriage. Waiting in itself changes nothing. It only reveals either the good or the rot that has been under the carpet all this while.

If any good will ever happen to your marriage, it will take you to cause it. Don’t cheat yourself. You’re the master initiator. Call what you want to see and then make it happen. These are the people the powers of heaven backs.

Don’t just pity yourself in your situation. And don’t allow anyone pity you. Rise up and get into the business of making the things you desire work for you. The Manufacturer, God is behind you.

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