Life’s so short that you lose when you fail to enjoy every bit of the experiences it brings. Whether the good or the bad. The normal or the challenging. Every situation can still be enjoyed.

Life isn’t a smooth journey. And you’re in trouble if you were taught it is. Because the last time I sought to understand this, the Manufacturer (God) made it clear that He intentionally built challenges into life. Not to scare, discourage, nor kill us. But to bring the best out of us (2Corin. 4:17; Deut. 8:3,5; Isaiah 48:17).

For it takes fire to shine the gold.

So far as you desire to polish your gifts and talents, discover and fulfil your purpose and glow in life, expect to go through the refining process.

Life will test you. Prove you. And then showcase you.

Ouch….. You’ll not escape any test. Prayer and fasting wouldn’t help you to. Neither will crying. For the tests are part of life’s package. They’ve already been determined.

But I don’t believe you want to remain in the middle of your tests or challenges. And if so, this is what you should do. Copy Jesus Christ’s approach to challenges. Look to the beautiful reward of your victory, and embrace the joy that comes with it. (Heb. 12:2). Approach your challenges with a strong spirit of hope. And disregard the pain, the shame and the confusion that comes with it (Prov. 18:14).

Anything, including your pain, loses power over you when you despise it.

Nelson Mandela had to play through the pain. He despised the pain of the prison. Kept his spirit alive and strong and rather enjoyed every moment of those 27 years of imprisonment. And you know what? He made it finally. The joy of Paul the apostle can’t be overlooked. The afflictions he went through were painful and life threatening. Yet he found great joy in them. To the extent he prayed for more.

Until you can encourage yourself in the midst of your challenges, you will not experience the after glory. (1 Sam. 30:6).

Your challenges came not to stay. They’re timed. And their time will soon expire. That’s a guarantee we have from the Owner (God) in Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Everything (including your situation) therefore, will change. No matter how stable they may look. Therefore, always focus on the final result and be glad. Because, sometimes, the initial ones can be discouraging. Consider the equation;

5 – 5 + 6 =?

If you consider only the first part, 5 – 5 = 0, you’ll have opportunity to get discouraged. But when you consider everything together, 5 – 5 + 6 = 6, then you’ll realize it all worked together for good (Rom. 8:28).

Maybe you’re already 25 or 30 years or more. And nothing real has come out of your life yet. And you’re wondering, “Can anything good still come out of me? I’ve wasted my youthful life”. And yes. You may be right. But….,

Life is not over until the full measure of your years are fulfilled.

Take responsibility for your life. But remember, you may not be the cause of every problem in your life. In fact, some are on assignment. Therefore, free yourself from the guilt and the unforgiveness you put on yourself. No matter how much you cry or regret of your dark or wasted past, you can’t clean it. Therefore, forget the past, look into the future, embrace it and forge forward (Php. 3:13).

No matter how well you plan, you may still face hurdles. And no matter how you discipline yourself, you may still not achieve some of your goals. Therefore, blame nobody. Enjoy the journey. Revisit the planning board. Review those goals and start afresh.

Always learn to despise and disregard the pain in your life. Enjoy the journey. Because, you gain when you do. Remember, you need fresh energy to always face your challenges. Keep it flowing.

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  1. Thank you very much.


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. I’m very grateful and God reward you greatly.


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