It happened on Thursday, the 18th of May, 2023. And I was on duty then. At exactly 6:00am whiles I was about to start the water treatment plant, I heard a loud noise from the sky. As if the heavens were pissed-off – it was a thundering.

Shortly after that, like a watchman with his darkness-piercing light, the heavens gave earth a sharp and a quick flash of lightning. I thought that was it.

But after some few seconds, like a 2 year baby trying to sustain the weight of an enormous balloon filled with water, the clouds struggled to sustain their content. It took less than a second before they released their waters.

After some few minutes of rain, I felt the coolness the earth received. It was beautiful, seeing the heat we endured the previous day. But whiles wallowing in that feeling of coolness, an interesting question knocked on the door of my mind. And I gave in to it. This is it: It’s raining, but have you some seed in the soil?

I believe it’s a question not to me alone, but to you as well. Yes, it’s raining. And you’re happy the weather is cool and lovely. But, have you some seed in the soil?

Yes, a rain brings a beautiful weather condition over which we should be happy and grateful. But, it has even a bigger blessing it brings—it waters the crops of those who sow some seed.

The one who has some seed in the soil gets a better smile when it rains.

Life’s still teaching its lessons. And here’s one: When a blessing comes, it doesn’t really bless everyone equally. Yes, there’s equal opportunity. But it takes those who have what it takes to seize it to have it.

When an examination is conducted, all the students in the class get an equal opportunity to take part. But the blessing of an excellent result goes to only the students who seize the opportunity by preparing before the examination. The examination is only an opportunity. It’s the seed you sow into it that brings the actual blessing.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to marry. But the blessing is really not in marrying. If not, those who did and created hell for themselves will also consider it a blessing. But it isn’t. The actual blessing of a marriage hides in the investments that go into it. It takes work; it takes effort and commitment to see the beauty you desire to see regarding your marriage.

I guess you know that being called for a promotion interview isn’t enough sign you’ll be promoted? In fact, you can jubilate over it and still not get it. The call for the interview is only an opportunity. The question is, what happens there? What do you put in? At the end of everything, it’s the seed you sow into the process that gives you the promotion.

Never be distracted by what’s not the main result. Yes, be happy and grateful for opportunities when they come. Because without them you wouldn’t have the chance to sow any seed. But, always remember, the opportunities in themselves don’t move anyone forward. It’s the input into the opportunity. It’s the investment you get in there.

Be happy for the rain. But don’t forget to ask yourself whether you’ve got any seed in the soil.

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  1. Nice piece


    1. I’m very much grateful boss. God bless you so much.


  2. Nyaaba Samuel May 22, 2023 — 9:01 pm

    This material is interesting, inspiring and insightful. I love this part “The one who has some seed in the soil gets a better smile when it rains.” Thank you 🙏


    1. I’m very much encouraged. Thank you very much and God bless you.


  3. This is great, every did to keep doing there best in eve they are doing. Most time it is not as easy as it seems but with God on our side it is better. Only those that works eat. As the saying goes there is no food for lazy a person.


    1. That’s great. I’m very much grateful and God reward you greatly.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Amen and amen and u too


    1. Amen and amen. Thank you very much.


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