Paul the apostle. The gentile minister. And the author of more than half of the New Testament. I guess you’ve heard about him. The church of Christ can’t be mentioned without him. This’ why: he played a major role in laying its foundation.

But if you know him very well, he’s the same person who messed up the church of Christ. He literally destroyed the church. Because of him, the whole church was in fear. Like birds will scatter at the sight of a hunter, so they did anytime they hear his steps approach. He caused havoc to the church.

Just an enemy? Far beyond that. If there was a word heavier than that, it will be used on him.

But he finally turned to the very faith he messed up for salvation. If it were you, would you have ever rested from the guilt of those acts? Would you not feel so bad fellowshipping with the same people you destroyed?

Paul had a horrible past. One that very few men can recover from. His past could’ve crippled him, preventing him from making a move into the future.  

But when the challenge came, he gently lowered the burden of his past and embraced the promising future presented by Christ.

This is his mantra: “… forgetting the past and reaching forth unto those things that are before.”

What did you do that keeps hunting you? Is the burden of your past heavier than Paul’s? Drop it at the feet of Christ and move into the future.

If you must see a clean future, you must live as if you had no past, whether good or bad. We call it the past because it’s something you need to leave behind and then move forward.

Your past is a powerful force. It can make or unmake your future. That’s why per the manufacturer’s design, you always have to drop it behind.

“Remember not the former things, neither the things of old. I will do a new thing.” Those are the words of the manufacturer.

What progress have you made by ruminating over that offense? It’s over five years now, but that negative issue or happening seem to still have a say in how you feel today. What would you call that? Don’t you think even prisoners are better off?

You failed the exams. True. But should you give it control over your future? You didn’t get the admission, the job or the promotion this year. True. But should one failed attempt conclude your life?

Maybe your partner doesn’t live up to your expectation, and it’s that bitterness that’s now ruling your marriage. You definitely aren’t the one in charge. It’s your past feeling of bitterness about him/her. How can you love her more or submit to him more in the midst of that bitter feeling?

The easiest way to miss the future and its blessings is to get preoccupied with the past. You can’t embrace both and still make it in life.

You want to have a clearer view, a peaceful and joyous life? Keep moving into the future. Get addicted to it. And treat the past as something that never happened. Life’s in the future, not the past.

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  1. Nyaaba Samuel May 8, 2023 — 2:13 pm

    Thank you very much, God bless you.


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. Amen and amen. Thank you very much.


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