Usain Bolt. The fastest man on earth. He runs his race so smoothly. We watch him make it look so simple, easy and so entertaining. Records show he’s an eight-time Olympic gold medalist. And he’s the only sprinter to win the 100m and 200m titles at three consecutive Olympics (2008, 2012, and 2016). It’s just beautiful watching him run.

Jesus Christ left this earth so many years ago. But his influence is still strongly felt in our lives. We love his teachings. His approach to life enthuses us. The result of his work, the salvation of our souls and the knowledge of a better way to life, is forever with us.

But do you realize these are results? Yes, they are. They’re the end products.

It can be so frustrating being surrounded by people’s results, wish you have them, and even attempt to command them but unaware that the work that produces the result is behind the scene.

In answering a journalist, Usain Bolt said, “All these trainings are towards just that one competition.” In the same interview, he said the actual competition happens at the training session. Those who make it in their endeavors also understand this: the work is always behind the scene.

You love the play of C. Ronaldo, I guess. But are you aware before he plays in public he has already played the game in the secret? Usain Bolt usually runs the race before he runs in the competition. And it applies to every successful person. They succeed in the secret before it’s known in the public.

Before a student sits for an exam, he has already done that in the secret, in the place of study. So also, before his result is given, he has worked it out through diligent studies. Before the beauty of the marriage of your neighbor gets known publicly, they’ve worked it out in the secret. The work is behind the scene.

I’ve ever witnessed one of our managers promoted to a higher position. And the normal conversation among all the staff was “He deserves it.” This is why. We were much aware of his work. He promoted himself behind the scene. And therefore, he qualifies to be promoted publicly.

Let result motivate you. But, don’t be deceived. Result in itself doesn’t produce result. It’s work that does the job. And mostly the work is behind the scene.

So many people today are aware of the varieties of results around. They can tell you the number of houses and cars the wealthiest men have. They can tell you how rich Bill Gates is, and how well Messi and C. Ronaldo are faring in their game. But, it’s quite unfortunate many can’t tell what makes these individuals get the results they command.

Settle on where you want to get to. Define what you want to achieve in life. But after that, sit and find out the work you need to do behind the scene to produce the result you want to see. You can forget anything, but don’t forget this: The work is behind the scene.

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  1. I won’t forget ” the work is behind the scene” thank you very much sir, is clear this material came up out of deep meditation.


    1. You’re very much welcome boss. I’m very much grateful too. God reward you greatly.


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