Do you remember that project? I can’t quite pinpoint. But you know it. Probably it’s even what’s happening to you now. You were so enthusiastic about starting it, and you hoped to continue and get it done.

But unfortunately, something went wrong. And like stepping on the brakes of a car, the project stalled. And then it finally failed because YOU abandoned it.

Do you remember Sir Edmund Hillary? Anytime mountain Everest is mentioned, it’s that name, together with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, that comes to mind. He got caught up in a project just like yours. His was a mountain project though.

Do you have an idea how many attempts it took him to finally climb mountain Everest? Some records tell us it was a culmination of 12 serious attempts since 1921, including nine British expeditions. On May 29, 1953, they were at the summit of mountain Everest. They made it.

One thing sets Sir Edmund aside from the others. He understood HE was the final determinant of the entire process. He knew very well it’s really not the mountain that stops a man, but the man himself. This is how he puts it, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Maybe it’s about your marriage. You were so attracted by the dream of marrying a superb partner like yours. You were willing to give your marriage all the efforts of love, respect, forgiveness, and playing your role as a partner.

But now it looks like the juice is drawn. And you’ve abandoned that dream. You may say, “This and that caused it.” But have you really considered what or who stopped you? Do you realize your marriage can be what you want it to be? But it takes you, the final determinant.

The worst thing can happen to you. And you may face the most giant of all mountains. But amid all, it takes YOU to decide whether or not to make it. Your life depends on you. You’re the final determinant.  

You can blame your uncle, your company, or the government. You can rest on the couch of an excuse: “I don’t have enough time, I lack this and that. I was not raised by the best parents. I wish I was born in that country.” But after all that, there’s still one person left. And that’s YOU.

Get yourself out of your own way. Flush yourself out of the way and let your life flow. At the end of life, let it not be found that all this while YOU were the mountain that stood on your own way.

You can develop the habit of a reader and improve your stand in life. The only mountain is you. You can discipline yourself and do the things you need to do. Only you can prevent this process.

You can accomplish the goals you’ve written. It’s all about you. You determine how it ends after God has giving you all the chance.

It’s only when you accept you’re the one in charge of your life, then will you make meaningful effort to correct the numerous things that have gone wrong.

Take charge now. It’s all YOU. Only YOU can stop you.

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