There’s no doubt instant results exist. I call them on-the-spot results. You see as you act. And you reap as you sow. However, those cases don’t always happen.

Most results linger. They drag. Not as if they wouldn’t show up, they submit to the law of process. They take a while. But, they build-up and add-up until they finally show-up.

A farmer understands this better. He puts a maize seed into the soil and it remains buried for three days. What’s it really doing? You guess right. It’s submitting to process. It isn’t just lying and accomplishing nothing. It’s gathering energy. What for? To build root and other systems, so it can burst through the soil and show-up to nourish the sower.

Not all results announce themselves immediately.

When I was a child, I used to think it takes about three or four months for a pregnant woman to deliver her child. Are you wondering how I got to this conclusion? By observing my mom. I usually count the months when I see her belly becoming big.

I guess you’ve seen where I usually miss it: I couldn’t see the pregnancy printed on her during the first and maybe the second trimesters. But does it mean she wasn’t pregnant? Of course she was. Only it didn’t show on her and I couldn’t see it.

Most of your action steps wouldn’t show immediate reward. Yes, sometimes you wouldn’t see results. But, it doesn’t mean they aren’t taking root. They are, but they aren’t visible.

I believe in his several fights where he won by a knockout, Azumah Nelson knew he was approaching a knockout victory, although his opponent didn’t yet fall flat. It takes great faith to believe your first blow lays a foundation for the coming knockout. And that’s exactly what happens. The first part of your investment hardly shows any visible results. But keep knocking.

Act on your plan. Today, you may not see how far that action takes you on the track towards your goal. But know this: you’ve made a move. Read the books, listen to the audios, watch the videos, and don’t forget to schedule meetings with the successful.

Sow the seed now and be patient with the results. Because they would finally show up.

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  1. Great piece


    1. I’m very much grateful for the encouragement, boss. God bless you so much.


  2. Thank you sir, I have added a new lesson to my life from the material.


    1. That’s very encouraging to hear. You’re ever welcome. God bless you so much.


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