I guess your age has moved a step forward this year. Or maybe it’s yet to. It’s beautiful to be plus one each year. It’s an automatic something: once you enter a new year, you’re sure you’ll increase by a year. In fact, everyone enjoys this.

But…, have you realized “plus one” is only a movement of time? And if it is, isn’t it pathetic to mistake it for growth?

A young man of 29 years thought he has grown enough to take over the management of his father’s business. He spent a chunk of those years partying, knowing he’ll take over the business when he’s of age.

For him, schooling was for those who would later seek for a job. He never learnt the skills and the qualities that would qualify him. After all, it’s his father’s business. So all his thinking was, “I’ll take over when my age qualifies me.”

It shocked him when the father informed him he’ll be facing the interview panel a month from that day. He couldn’t imagine it. And it was because he deceived himself into believing that the movement in his age will qualify him.

Guess what happened when the day finally came. He didn’t show up. He finally realized movement in age doesn’t really mean growth.

Movement doesn’t mean growth. The appearing and disappearing of each semester doesn’t mean a student is progressing in his academics. If it means progress, then no student should fail any course.

Again, age is a necessary consideration before marriage. But, it’s sometimes deceptive. A man or woman can be of age but immature, empty, and unprepared. Yet, it’s so interesting. Do you realize the motivation for most marriages today is age? Never mistake age for maturity.  

Many employees mistake the passing of years for growth. They therefore have high expectations regarding promotions. And when it isn’t coming, then they play the bitterness game. Of course, it’s painful to make yourself more valuable on the job and yet not be recognized. But when you know you’ve been stagnant all this while, and your contribution has been at the same level, what course do you have to fight?

I know parents who have left the training of their children in the hands of time. They say, “Oh leave him. He will change when he grows.” The unfortunate thing is, time never accepts that as its responsibility, and therefore, those children rot. I wish not that you’re a victim.

Passage of time doesn’t change a child. The change results from deliberate inputs the parents make.

Don’t you think it will be self-deception and a cheat on yourself to believe because the days are moving, you’re developing personally, too?

Those who develop themselves also read the books, listen to the audios, watch the videos, take the online courses, and meet the successful men. Do you do these? Don’t mistake passage of time for personal development.

Growth, maturity, and personal development require deliberate effort. You need to put in something. Don’t mistake the passage of time for them.

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    1. I’m grateful boss. God bless you so much for the encouragement.


  1. True talk, growth/aging should not be taken for maturity

    Thank you bro 🙏


    1. You’re welcome back mummy. I’m very much grateful. God bless you.


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