You may have to redraw your current plan. And you may have to review and re-engage an action you took earlier. This is the path to take when you don’t get the result you want. But you wouldn’t know this until you assess your plan or action.

A mason ever executed a building plan handed to him by a rich man. The agreement was that the rich man assesses the project at each stage so his desire comes to pass. After the walls of the complex were erected, the rich man assessed it and realized the back wall should be pulled down.

Was it a fault in the mason’s execution? No: the rich man only realized some adjustment needs to be made on the plan. He’s got a new idea on the whole thing.

He quickly sent the plan back to the architect and narrated what he wanted. The plan was redrawn. Within some few days, the mason executed the new plan. And the rich man’s desire was met.

“I’ve got a beautiful plan on paper.” Maybe that’s what you’re thinking. But do you know many individuals aren’t able to execute their plans? In fact, many more lose interest in their plans after they’re executed? Have you experienced that before? What may be the cause?

Too “beautiful” to be real. That’s it. Maybe your plan is nice on paper, but it’s something that isn’t workable. You’ll need to redraw it. And make it executable. Because in life, only real things get executed.

Or maybe your desire and ideas grew past your plan. Have you experienced that before? An idea strikes you. You plan on it, but later you see something bigger and more refined.

You definitely need to review and update that plan. Ideas grow. They change. And you can’t tie yourself to that same old plan.

Even a blacksmith puts his equipment back into fire for necessary adjustments when he realizes it doesn’t suit his taste.

Don’t be lazy in assessing your actions or executions. And don’t be lazy in reconstructing your plans when you realize it isn’t serving you well. What’s the sense in driving on a road you later realized leads into a broken bridge? Come on! Pull off that gear!

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  1. Perfect one, may the Lord continue to give more Wisdom


    1. I’m very much grateful for the encouragement, boss. Amen and amen. God bless you so much.


  2. Very sensitive ideas
    Thank you


    1. Awwww, I’m humbled. Thank you very much mummy and God bless you.


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