Any idea or plan you don’t act on, and any step you don’t take, you lose.

My wife and I had some few local hens among our poultry birds. And we kept them purposely for brooding on the eggs from the foreign birds.

One particular week, we gathered some beautiful eggs from the foreign birds and one of the local ones. Seeing the local hen was ready to brood, we prepared a place for it and it began to sit on the eggs.

The hen responded very well on the first day. But the second day was a different story altogether: it suddenly lost the interest in sitting on the eggs. It would stand on the eggs more than sit on them. We thought of collecting the eggs, but we decided to still give the hen some space to see whether it’ll finally sit.

We realized that each day that passes, the hen’s lack of interest in sitting grew. Even in the night, it stands most of the time instead of sitting.

After some days, my wife carried out some checks on the eggs and realized they were getting spoilt. We finally had to abort the whole process, getting rid of the eggs.

The hen was successful in receiving sperm from the cock to fertilize its eggs. It was also successful in laying the eggs when they matured. But it couldn’t complete the entire process: getting the eggs hatched.

You might set wonderful goals for this year. You might clearly define the steps you want to follow in achieving them. You might even fix the steps into each day and week. But if you don’t take the hatching-step, and if you don’t give the knock-out-punch, you may be disappointed.

Have you realized a building plan remains a plan until someone acts on it? Your favorite movie was once a plan. The script was written, and each role was defined. But until the actors came into the scene and gave life to the ones lifeless script, it remained a script.

Plans or steps can help you solve problems. They can help you achieve your goals. But they have no life in themselves. They can’t make any move by themselves. Nor can they execute themselves. They need you. They need your action. They need your effort. And that’s what they’ve been waiting for all this while.

If there’s any goal you couldn’t achieve last year, it might be because it needed you to act, but you didn’t. Or maybe you acted but, you didn’t act appropriately.

Action is the move that gives meaning to your plans. Therefore, act. And do it promptly. If not, by the “law of diminishing intent”, the interest, the idea, the power, the intent, and the emotion diminish as each day passes. Don’t shift until tomorrow what you can act on today.

Sometimes it isn’t enough acting once. You need a flow of actions. The first action births the motivation for the second. And the second supplies energy for the next one and it continues until the goal is achieved.

Remember, don’t fail to plan. But after you’ve planned, don’t forget to act on it. Else, you lose the satisfaction of its fulfilment.

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  1. Adolph Agbezuhlor February 20, 2023 — 10:31 am

    Nice write up Solo! Keep the good work and may God increase your ministry


    1. Amen and amen my boss. I’m really very much grateful for the encouragement. God bless you so much.


    2. Fred Sena Agbele March 5, 2023 — 9:49 pm

      My take home……
      “Don’t shift untill tomorrow what you can act on today”
      Thanks for sharing and God bless you.


      1. I’m very much encouraged, boss.
        Amen and amen and bless you more. Thank you do much.


  2. Very true bro. Thank you very much. May the Lord continue to expand your pastorate


    1. Amen and amen. You’re ever welcome boss. God reward you greatly.


  3. Nice piece, we will now be taking serious actions after planning.

    God richly bless you….!


    1. Amen and amen mummy. That’s great and thank you very much.


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