A senior staff who worked 15 years with a reputable company has been waiting for an opportunity to climb up the ladder. His intention was to effect changes that will propel the company forward. It burdened him, seeing simple problems thwart the efforts of the company.

Not as if he couldn’t contribute from where he was, his bosses wouldn’t listen. Even when they did, they kept his ideas under the table.

Fortunately, the day of opportunity came: there was an internal advert on a managerial position. This man applied, attended the interview and “kpa”, there he was. He fit in. He was picked. And it was because he had a proper view of the company’s problem, and also had a detailed plan on how to fix it.

Unfortunately, 3 months had passed and the simple problems he identified before becoming a manager still smelled around. It shocked the panel that interviewed him, seeing how clear and detailed his plan was on handling the issues.

Upon his personal examination, he realized he had a good plan, but it didn’t reflect in each day for him to act on.

The plan you didn’t incorporate into your days or weeks, the odds are high you wouldn’t act on. And once you aren’t able to act on them, you’ll achieve nothing at the end of the month or year.

It isn’t enough having achievable and exciting goals for the year. You might have even developed beautiful steps to achieve them. But, if you don’t let those steps reflect in your days or weeks, you may wind up disappointed.

Life is lived in doses. Rocks are cracked in chips. And an elephant is eaten with a bite at a time. The easiest way to achieve your goals is to work on them bit by bit. And this is why we have days and weeks.

Each day is an opportunity to eat some part of your cake just like an elephant is eaten a bite at a time. No one ever achieves his goals just by one strike of action. They got it through the daily small strikes.

It’s easy saying the last knock of a boxer before a knock-out victory is the heaviest. But have you considered the initial ones? I believe they laid the foundation for the last one. The small steps you take each day lay the foundation upon which your goals are finally achieved.

It might be you couldn’t achieve some goals last year because you couldn’t incorporate your plan into each day or week so you could work on them.

Spread the steps you developed. Let them appear in each day or week. And make sure each day or week, you achieve a dose of your goal. It’s simple, just fix it into each day and you’ll smile at the end of the year.

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  1. Thank you very much, I have learn alot from the materials.


    1. You’re ever welcome boss. I’m glad to hear that. God bless you.


  2. Fred Sena Agbele March 5, 2023 — 10:06 pm

    “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean”
    Thanks for sharing and keep it up…


    1. You’re right, boss. You’re ever welcome and thank you so much.


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