Can you remember those times you lost an idea, a dream, a vision, or a goal? Or maybe you realized your dreams never got clearer or bigger, or they grew dormant all because you never wrote them nor reviewed them? The pencil-child’s story will help you.

There was a 3-year-old child who was called the pencil-child. She was named so because, anytime she sees an image in her mind, she quickly rushes for a color-pencil and a paper and begins transferring the picture onto the paper.

She practiced this act for several years, and because of that she got refined. Less than age ten, she was producing amazing works even adult artists couldn’t imagine.

She could have lost the gift or it could have been dormant. But because she learnt the discipline of picking the pencil, she preserved the gift, got it refined and it’s producing amazing results.

Writing is powerful. Especially with regard to your goals. It is said that less than 3 percent of Americans write their goals. The question is, what does the 97 percent do to theirs? Of course, they just keep it in their head.

Writing is a mental exercise. The act of transferring what’s on your mind unto a paper and taking it back in with the help of your physical eyes is a big exercise.

It helps push your goal into your subconscious mind. It’s like your application letter finally being accepted for onward processing. And once it gets there, be sure you’ll be sorted out.

Each day comes with new experiences, new ideas, new inspirations, and you see things from varying perspectives every day. When you visit your written goals with these new experiences, it helps you give them a different touch and a fresh look. And that’s where the refining comes from; the writing and the reviewing.

It takes faith to write a goal. No matter how clear and achievable your goals are, if the only place we can find it is in your head and not on a paper, there’s cause to believe you don’t believe it. Writing your goal down is a proof you believe you can achieve it and is something that will impact your life positively.  

Even God values writing visions, goals, and dreams. He clearly instructed Habakkuk, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables.

Your biggest challenge may be how to pick that stick called pen, place it in-between your fingers and transfer what’s in your mind onto a paper. Yet this keeps the successful people successful. And they do it more often.

Start it today. Get a small writing pad. List in it your goals for the year and then visit and review it at the beginning of each week. Rewrite your goals as many times you can. Suddenly you’ll realize your goals becoming clearer, more refined and you’ll receive direction on how to achieve them.

Write it else you lose it. Write it else you forget it.

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  1. Thanks very, bro. It’s insightful and instructive.


    1. You’re ever welcome, RO. And I’m very much grateful. God bless you.


  2. Very true, thank you very much bro


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. I’m very much grateful.


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