How much self-control do you exercise regarding watching tv? Do you find it tough pressing that off button once you get started? How many hours do you burn everyday just watching cable tv? Isn’t it the same hours your colleagues convert into meaningful progress in their lives?

The actual cost of your tv isn’t just how much it took you to buy it. It also includes how much time and energy it takes you to watch it.

It’s good to have sources of entertainment like tv in your home. Why? To help while away the boredom and also keep you informed about what’s happening around you. What of the beautiful educational programs? Yes, these are the reasons we keep tv at home.

But, I tell you, the amount of time people spend on cable tv can buy gold. It can fulfil a purpose. A business can be built with it. I tell you, it can harvest great ideas.

There’re people who spend four to five hours each day just on tv. And imagine you use a daily average of three hours on tv. In a week, it amounts to twenty-one hours. That’s almost a whole day out of a week spent on only tv. Ouch… That’s a great waste.

Let’s consider the monetary equivalence of the time you spend watching tv. As of January 2022, the minimum wage in Ghana was 13.53 cedis. It implies that if you work eight hours a day, you’re paid 1.69 cedis each hour. Now, if you spend three hours on tv, it’s like throwing 5.07 cedis into the sea before going to bed each day. Are you shocked?

The interesting thing is 5.07 cedis compounds into 126.84 cedis every month. Imagine throwing two bags of cement into the drain each month. That’s woeful. That’s probably the same amount your colleague is saving each month. At the end of the day, don’t you think he’ll be richer than you?

It’s said that it takes an average reader an hour to read 30 pages of a book. If so, if you even spend only an hour of the three hours tv’s time on books, it will expose you to 30 pages of fine knowledge. The payoff is always greater. And imagine you maintain that every day, you’ll finish a 200-page book in just a week. Isn’t that an astounding achievement?

In a few weeks, you’ll realize you’ve surrounded yourself with great ideas that could positively impact your business, your finances, your career, your health and your relationships. You’ll also realize a leap in your self-esteem. This happens because you’re able to get yourself do something you couldn’t do before.

It was Myles Munroe who said, “The most difficult button to press is the ‘off’ on a tv remote.” No wonder many find it tough engaging it. But there’s a way out.

Just like Myles Munroe advised, get to your sitting room and spend some few minutes practicing how to press the off on that remote. Put on the tv for some two minutes, then press the off button. Repeat this until you feel you’re in control.

The next time you go to watch tv, decide how long you want to watch it and then set an alarm. And when the time is up, exercise that power. PRESS OFF.

Remember, your tv costs you more than you know. But you can still cut down that cost. You can still be in charge.

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  1. This is worth the rereading. Thanks very much, bro. God bless you.


    1. Aww, I’m encouraged. You’re ever welcome, boss. Amen and amen. I’m grateful boss.


  2. Hidden truth been revealed, thank you sir


    1. Sure. You’re ever welcome boss. I’m very much grateful and God reward you greatly.


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