Do you remember the very day your uncle, mother, father, or your sibling died? I wish he hadn’t. Respect to the gentle soul. But…, did his death hinder the sun from getting to its destination that day? Didn’t daybreak the following day? I thought life and time would’ve paused to show you some respect. But it didn’t.

I’m sure you would’ve loved it if life had showed some concern by pausing when you failed your exam. Or when you didn’t get the admission. Or when you weren’t called for the job. At least you would’ve been consoled if life were to slow down because of your pain. But do you realize it didn’t?

Surely, life doesn’t regard you and me. Neither does it consider our situations.

And this is why;

It wasn’t built with a sensor to detect whether you’re in pain or celebration mode, in success or failure condition, in favorable or unfavorable situation. Like a blind man, it passes you by innocently, hoping you’re fine.

Do you realize life’s like a motorbike? It has no reverse gear and can therefore go in only one direction. Forward. That’s its natural direction. And that’s the only language it speaks, whether rain or shine.

That’s why you’ve never seen your watch read in the reverse direction. Neither have you ever seen your age take a jump backwards. That’s also why, when you were in your sorrowful situation, time was still galloping forward.

I guess your ceiling or standing fan has a speed regulator. And you choose whether to increase or reduce its speed. Ouch….. Life’s speed has been constant since the world began.

Imagine you could slow life down to fit your situation. I believe it would’ve been very interesting. No one would be crushed or left behind. We would’ve had enough time to dress our wounds to heal before continuing. But… it’s a dream. It isn’t applicable in this life.

Knowing all these, what should be your approach to life and the situations it presents?

You and I have no option than to dance to the music of life. It was built to always maintain its forward movement, irrespective of our situations. Therefore, when you fail, learn to fail forward. When you’re in pain, learn to play through the pain and move forward.

And when you’re disappointed, learn from it and move forward. No pausing. No stopping. No reversing into the past.

When you pray and it’s answered, thank God. If not, move forward. When you apply for the job and you get it, thank God. If not, move forward. How long can you brood over your past, your disappointments, your pains or your challenges?

The best gift you have is learning to move forward, no matter the situation. Athletes understand this very well. When they fall, they still strive to move forward to the finish line. Until it’s over, it isn’t over. 

Remember, life does not pause, stop, nor reverse.


  1. This so powerful. God bless you


    1. Aww. I’m humbled. Amen and amen. I’m very much grateful for the encouragement. God reward you greatly.


  2. Very true and useful, thank you bro


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. I’m very much grateful.


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