Consider the last time you lied. Do you realize you had to deceive yourself first before the person you lied to? Yes. It’s one thing you can’t imagine doing to yourself. Yet you did. And you actually succeeded.

You can’t lie to someone without first convincing your own self to believe it.

It took only you, meeting and planning with yourself to manufacture the lie you told. Do you realize that? The person you later lied to wasn’t there. Was he? But “you and yourself” were there. You discussed with your own self, dribbled your own self like a footballer would do to his opponent, and you finally believed the lie and told it.

And it wasn’t as if you didn’t know what the truth was. But maybe you feared your flesh will suffer so much pain if you must be punished. Or you wanted to keep your reputation so clean. Or you couldn’t allow that money or opportunity to pass you by. You deliberately convinced yourself to agree to tell a lie. And you broke your integrity like an egg smashed on a rock.

Lying is like removing the glue that holds the sole of a shoe to its upper structure. It spoils the shoe. It’s also like planting the seed of disagreement among your members. It creates division between you and yourself. And you know, a kingdom divided against itself can’t stand, said Jesus Christ.

You become a two-in-one person when you lie. The seed of truthfulness was planted into you from the beginning. And that’s why when you lie, you usually sense that inner prompting, telling you that you aren’t speaking the truth. But the moment you lie, you break that foundation of truthfulness. And how can you have a good night sleep when you know there’s a crack in your house’s foundation. Or how can you enjoy your ride when you know your car tires are deflated?  

What would you say if I ask you to sell your birthright to me? I guess at that very moment, you’ll see me as satan revealed. But unfortunately, you sell it out so cheaply and very often. How? By telling a lie. The day you tell a lie, you sell out the very structure that makes you feel good about yourself, about others, and about life.

And what happens? Your self-worth becomes threatened. Because lying hinders you from seeing your own self as a good and valuable person. Have you realized you suddenly feel uneasy and bad when you lie? Sometimes you have a feeling of emptiness. As if your pride was broken or something valuable was taken away.

That’s it. Your self-esteem and self-respect also reduces. You suddenly begin to see yourself as bad, and you hardly trust nor respect yourself or anybody. There’s nothing so worse than seeing your own self as bad. And that’s the mud lying drags you into.

When you lie, you hunt your own self down just like a hunter would knock-off a bird from a tree. While you may think you’re protecting your reputation or swerving punishment, the real target is your self-worth, your self-esteem and your self-respect.

God commanded us to keep from lying. And this is one reason: He wants us to preserve our self-worth. Lying destroys it. And when it’s destroyed, nothing meaningful can come out of us.

What situation makes you tell a lie? A man in authority? A threat to your reputation? Some unqualified gain? Or the pain of punishment? Whatever the situation may be, if you bow to a lie, you lose. Lying is one of the lowest ways of living. It’s a sign the situation has dominated over you.

In reality, it will cost you your relationship with God, your soul, your self-worth, your self-respect and your integrity to tell a single lie. A lie is expensive. Turn from your current style and align to the more superior and beneficial style of Jesus Christ.

Always tell the truth. Tell it boldly. Because, even the judge (God) likes it. And will defend you.

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to learn. God bless you


    1. You’re ever welcome boss. Amen and amen. I’m very much grateful.


  2. Akayoba Richmond August 21, 2022 — 12:58 pm

    Thanks boss for this message. God richly bless you with wisdom to share with us.


    1. You’re very much welcome boss. Amen and amen. I’m grateful for the encouragement.


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