Imagine you had the opportunity to choose the things you go through in life. What things will you choose? I believe among the few things you wouldn’t choose is the storms of life. Your thoughts wouldn’t slip into that arena. Not to talk of choosing it. Yet, this is your lot if you must be properly shaped to fulfil your destiny.

The storm is to make you, not to break you.

You can’t have an orange juice unless you crush the fruit. And you can’t have a sparkling gold piece unless you first pass it through the fire. Think of coconut. How can you drink of its sweet juice without first hitting it with a hard object?

What makes you think or believe you can bring out the beauty in you without the glorious work of a storm?

James Wyckoff said, “The act of living sets everyone up for the potential of storms in our lives.” In essence, the mere fact you’re alive qualifies you for the storms of life. God has done all things well. The storm is no exception. It’s His tool perfectly designed to bring out the best in anything. Corrie Ten Boom agrees with this when she said, “In order to realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm.

Think of this. How would you have known the power and worth of Jesus Christ if the storm had not confronted him?

If we must know your worth, you must face the storm.

I believe you understand now that the storms are made for you. To serve you. To beautify you. Whether it be sickness, financial difficulty, loss of a loved one, barrenness or loss of a glorious opportunity, they wouldn’t last. And they’ll teach you what no one could’ve taught you.

But how do you face and maximize them? Because, like Mehmet Murat Ildan said, “You cannot forever escape from the storm; you must learn to stand up to it.”

The only way to face the storm is to have something bigger than it. How do you do that? Think of your vision. Think of your response, which sterns from your attitude. And think of what you see in the storm. And consider how your previous storms have prepared you for the next one. These things can place you above your storm.

Do You Have A Vision?

People shy away from storms or quit persevering so easily when they have no vision. And you aren’t an exception. The vision for your life is the first big anchor you must lay hold on to face the storm. It energizes you. And makes you feel it’s worth fighting through the storm. It is your source of a sense of fulfilment. It’s your motivator. Seek for the vision of your life.

How Well Do You Respond To Storms?

Many people fail or die not just because of a storm, but because of their response. Life is an attitude issue. And just like Robert M. Hensel Said, “A positive attitude can turn a storm into a sprinkle.” It’s on the basis of this Dr. D. K. Olukoya said, “The storms of life can make you better or bitter.” How well you respond, and with what attitude, defines what happens. Your attitude, which defines your response, is the second big anchor you can face your storm with. Develop a good attitude. Storms don’t kill. They revive.

What Do You See In Storms?

What you see and how you see it matters. It can have a toll on your response. Toyin Omoyemi said, “But if all you see is the storm, you will not be able to see the way of escape.” What do you see in your storms? An enemy? A destroyer? Bad? Mary Faustina Kowalska said, “I know well that the greater and more beautiful the work is, the more terrible will be the storms that rage against it.” Anytime the storm arrives, know for sure it has something good to deliver. The good in the storm is bigger than the storm.

How Well Have You Prepared From Your Previous Storms?

Preparation is key and can make your storm look small. Someone said, “If there’s no learning that comes from the storms of life, then the tragedy is compounded.” How well does your storms prepare you? Do you learn from them? Your preparation is bigger than the storm.

Who Anchors Your Whole Being?

In times of storms, who you lean on matters. If your saviour in the storm is Christ, you’re safe. If it’s a stone, I wonder how that can help you. Because, you need someone bigger. Christ is bigger than the storm. Dare to trust him through, and you’ll come out safe.

Remember, you’ve got to have something bigger than the storm.

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  1. It’s has always been a rare privilege to go through your thoughts. God bless you bro and make you great and global.


    1. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much humbled. Thank you so much for the encouragement. God reward you greatly.


  2. Akayoba Richmond November 6, 2022 — 5:23 pm

    God bless you, for using you to write this material.


    1. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much grateful.


  3. Another hack of life is found, thank you very much sir.


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. I’m very much grateful.


  4. Awolba Baba Jones November 15, 2022 — 7:59 pm

    It is constantly good reading this, thank you very much


    1. I’m very much grateful for your constant engagement with my materials. God bless you.


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