You’ll live long. But you’ll surely die. Because no man, no matter how healthy, lives forever. Death is a deadline. And its primary aim isn’t to impact stress or fear. But to remind you, you’re timed. There’s a deadline on you, and on what you must do. You don’t have forever to function.

God built you to function, built into you the ability to set deadlines and then placed deadlines all around you to keep you driven to fulfilment. Else, you’ll live like a free ranger, having no time boundaries and therefore fulfilling none of your tasks.

The night is an example of these deadlines. It’s a cap placed on the day and all its activities. And it makes you hasten up with your task when you remember the day is almost coming to a close. So it is with the wet and dry seasons. The dry season is a deadline God placed on the wet season and its activities. It tells you that you have an allocated time to be fruitful as a farmer. And when the time is up, the clouds withhold their content.

You’re built to thrive on deadlines. The great men know and submit to this.

Do you realize how suddenly you get energized and start doing the things you’ve been procrastinating when the doctor says you have only three years to live? And do you realize how quickly you think and recollect things when the invigilator announces that you have 30 minutes left?

Do you realize how fast you’re able to develop a business idea when you’re told you’ll be laid off from work next month? Suddenly, your creative imagination comes to work. Yes, all these are proof of the awakening power of deadlines.

Inform a man he’ll die tomorrow, and you’ve energized him to think and act properly and urgently.

The things you aren’t able to do, deadlines propel you to start and finish, if only you submit to them. And just like Harvey Mackay said, “Deadlines are not bad. They help you set priorities. They make you get going when you might not feel like it.” A deadline is like an invigilator. It doesn’t only tell you when you should finish a particular task. It keeps you in check, making you realize how much time you have left to complete the task.

The day you set a deadline, you evoke the spirit of motivation, urgency, focus and discipline.

Deadlines can make you stressed. There’s no doubt about that. But which is better? To choose not to place a deadline because of the stress it may bring and not accomplish your tasks, or to place one and get your projects started and finished? Obviously, the latter decision is what you should go for.

Have you realized you could’ve completed several projects but you didn’t, because you couldn’t decide when you should start and finish them? Think of what would’ve happened if you had placed a deadline on them.

You can’t finish anything until you can decide when you should finish.

Probably you haven’t achieved majority of your New Year goals because you didn’t set a deadline. Or you haven’t been able to finish reading a book even after a year because you lack a deadline.

Things can change. Yes, you can make them change. Just try this for a day and see how effective it makes you become. Identify the various tasks you must fulfil in that very day. Arrange them in order of priorities. Assign deadlines and submit to them.

It isn’t enough to have a plan. Give it life. Set a time for its execution. And then rise to the occasion and get it fulfilled.

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6 thoughts on “IF YOU HAD SET A DEADLINE

  1. Akayoba Richmond June 27, 2022 — 12:18 am

    This was really helpful. Thank you so much


    1. It’s encouraging to hear that. Thank you so much for making the effort to read through the content.


  2. This is beneficial to us, thank you very much Bro


    1. We bless God for that. I appreciate it greatly, boss.


  3. Very educative
    Thank you so much


    1. You’re ever welcome, mummy. I’m very much grateful.


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