Do you know life is a belief issue? And that those who ever made it never left it out? Do you also know belief drives like a car engine? Yes, it does. And that’s exactly what drove me to write and forward this material to you.

I first had to believe the creator built something into me, which He wants me to dish out to the world. And then I said to myself, “If so, then I also possess the ability to manifest it. So I believed in what God did. And I believed in myself also.  And I worked. Here is the result with you now.

I also had to believe you’ll read this material when I present it to you. That’s why I released it. I would’ve kept it in my files. In fact, I had many excuses and doubts. But I chose to believe the process.  

Anybody who ever made it from start to finish did it because of the gentle and persevering drive of belief in himself.

I guess you’ve heard of Usain Bolt, the fastest man in our time. We hail him and we try to encourage him with our praises. But mostly only after he has gone through the actual battle of many doubts and has won.

I’m sure he believed what he saw about himself, and it drove him to wake up daily to pursue it. He was constantly on the field practicing because he knew he’ll win. I believe he saw himself breaking the records that his predecessors have set. And he believed it. And he finally broke them.

Ouch… Thomas Edison. It’s easy to try again after you fail once or twice. But to fail 999 times and still dare to try again, it takes the stability that comes through believing in yourself as you believe in God. And only a few men can do this. He was so sure he could build the bulb. To the extent he despised the experiments that didn’t work. Lift your head and catch a glimpse of that bulb hanging on your ceiling. That’s the child of Mr. Edison’s belief in himself.

This material can’t handle it if I have to talk about Paul the apostle, Myles Munroe, Bill Gates, and Katherine Kuhlman. They did something so real. And it was all because they believed what God did in them. And not only that. They also believed in themselves.

Some things are specifically for only those who can believe in themselves.

It was Brad Henry who said, “Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

What makes you not pray again, what makes you not try the business again, what makes you not follow up on that fund again, or what makes you not sit for that paper again? You may have your reasons and you may be right from your perspective.

But if you’ll be honest with yourself, there’s one underlying issue. And it’s about your belief in yourself. Maybe you lost it. Or maybe you’ve allowed it to dwindle. And just like a car can’t make progress when its tires are deflated, so you can’t accomplish anything if you lose belief in yourself.

You’ll succeed only to the extent you can believe.

How intentional are you in believing in yourself?

God created you to do just one thing. To believe in what He has made you. And then allow that belief to release its power. That’s why those who lose belief in themselves see no reason to try or live again, but quit or take their lives.

Suicide is a sign that an individual lost his inward life, his belief in himself.  

Instead of sitting and wishing, hoping in emptiness, and envying other people who are producing results, arise and shake off all the excuses and doubts. Bring your belief in yourself to bear. Let us feel the flow of the power it releases. And you’ll also have something to show.

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  1. Nyaaba Ezekiel June 5, 2022 — 8:25 pm

    God richly bless you
    And increase your knowledge in other to feed us more


    1. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much grateful.


  2. Extremely good message, May God continue to broaden your wisdom


    1. Amen and amen boss. I’m very much grateful.


      1. Wonderful revelations, God bless you.3


      2. Sure. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much grateful.


  3. God blessed you mighty for feeding me with wisdom.


    1. Amen and amen, my big Sister. I’m very much grateful.


    2. Amen and amen. And bless you more. I’m very much grateful.


  4. OPHELIA ASSIBI June 23, 2022 — 1:59 pm

    Keep on trying until something
    Comes out from nothing
    Great 👍👍
    God bless you….!!!


    1. That’s true. Thank you very much. God bless you.


  5. God richly bless you
    And increase your knowledge in other to feed us more and more


    1. Amen and amen. God reward you greatly. I’m very much grateful.


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