Can you imagine where you would’ve gotten to if someone had helped you in your situation? Or imagine that the help that got you where you’re now didn’t come. Do you think you would’ve been able to get there yourself? Ouch…. A life without help is like stagnant water. It never flows forward. And is never refreshed. And therefore, becomes old and smelly.

It takes men to move a man forward.

Maybe you’re thinking “I can do it all by myself, I can get there all by myself.” And you may be right. But have you climbed a tall and slippery tree before? Or have you seen someone climb one before? Under normal circumstances, you’ll need someone to push you up if you must succeed.

I’m sure you trust God and believe He’ll help you fulfil your life’s purpose. That’s great. But it isn’t enough. Yes, it isn’t. You must understand the system through which God brings that help to you. Else you’ll miss it.

God builds you for a particular project, gives you the project and then releases the resources and the helps you need to fulfil it. He can deliver those resources and helps directly. Yes, He can. But He wouldn’t. He’ll rather do it indirectly through His established system-men.

Think about it. If men are the pipelines that must bring your resources and the helps you need, then you can’t afford not to be in good harmony with them constantly.

Imagine the pipeline that serves your house water is broken. Will you still get water when you open your tap? No. But is the Water Treatment Plant still not pumping water into the distribution system? Yes, it is. That’s how you can lack help in life, even though you’re good toward God. He continually releases your resources but it doesn’t get to you. The problem is, you broke the pipeline, the relationships that will deliver your help to you.

It’s for this reason Jesus Christ focused on having favor with both God and man. He knew if He isn’t on good terms with men, it will cut-off His helps and He cannot fulfil his purpose.

It’s not enough to know God. You must submit to His systems if you must receive your help.

Many believers think once they’re through with God, their relationship with men don’t matter. Some look down on people and even ignore the people who matter in their lives, thinking God would do it without them. And they suffer for it, not understanding the structures of God. We all know God can do anything without man’s help. But always remember that He watches over His Word, and He watches over His structures as well.

Sometimes it’s just someone’s signature or stamp you need to move forward. Sometimes what you need is just to depend on some other person’s reputation or credibility or office or position or expertise or experience.

Think about it. The money you need to support your project is in someone’s pocket. Someone has the link to where you want to go. And all you need to do is be in good relationship with them. That’s why the highest law in life is set on relationships and the second part says,

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Paul the Apostle also recognized the importance of this law when he said, “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Do you know where your next help will come from? You may say from God. And you’re right. I believe and live by that too. But do you know the man in whose hand it will fall? No, you don’t. And if it be your good friend, peace be unto you. But if it be your “enemy”, woe unto you.

This is why we handle men with patience, with mercy, with care and with great respect and reverence. And this is the more reason we forgive and resolve issues quickly.

The extent of your success in life depends on the helps you receive. Therefore, as much as lieth in you, be humble and be respectful like a servant and harmless like a dove. Because it’s only by this you’ll help your helpers to come to your aid when you need help.

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  1. Nyaaba Samuel May 21, 2022 — 9:03 pm

    Thanks Sir , I got everything paaa through experience, May God grant you more wisdom to illuminate us on principles.


    1. I thank God for those experiences. Amen and amen, boss. I’m grateful too.


  2. Wow, initially I thought it was all about God God, but I just got it in a different perspective now. God bless you sir.


    1. Yes. God works through His systems. I thank God for what you’ve received. Amen and amen.


  3. christian adzinyo May 22, 2022 — 11:27 am

    In deed your writings are always helping we the readers to get to the next level in life. So truely we need each other to get there…..


    1. I’m very much humbled, boss. Glory be to God. You’re right. And I’m very much grateful.


  4. Awolba Baba Jones May 27, 2022 — 9:13 am

    Thank you very much Bro, may the Lord continue to give you more wisdom, knowledge and skills.


    1. Amen and amen, and you’re ever welcome, boss.


  5. Thanks very much, bro. Your materials are insightful and worth reading/sharing. God bless you.


    1. Aww. I’m humbled. It’s really a privilege having you read my materials. Amen and amen and bless you more, RO.


  6. Awolba Baba Jones May 30, 2022 — 10:30 pm

    Amen, and bless you too


  7. OPHELIA ASSIBI June 23, 2022 — 2:19 pm

    There’s a need to always appreciate.
    Life Lessons 👍👍
    Thanks 🙏


    1. Yes, you’re right. I’m very much grateful. God bless you mummy.


  8. I appreciate you one’s again for your great effort and work, am really bless with your materials so fars


    1. I’m very much encouraged to hear that. God bless you. And thank you very much.


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