Your Acts Reveals Your Self-Respect.

Your posture towards people reveals how you value yourself.

Solomon Dzade

How do you feel when someone treats you respectfully? I guess you suddenly become highly moralized and “swollen-headed.” And you feel a strong desire to return the same treatment to the person. Yes. But… what of that moment when someone insults you? And not only your physical being, or your parents, but your value? Ouch…. I believe it’s a “no-go-area.” But… that feeling is natural. And it’s a proof we all want to be respected no matter our social status. And this feeling comes right from how we were designed.

You were created with value and to be valued. And this truth was revealed by the Psalmist David when he said, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Stephen Cosgrove confirms this when he said, “Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered; for inside those tattered pages, there’s a lot to be discovered.”

Truly. You may be financially handicapped. And you may look physically unattractive or be “a nobody” in the world around you. But just like a muddy gold pit, deep inside of you is a fine work of wisdom and depth. You’re carefully woven. You’re a multitude of details. You’re a unique design. This is why you respect yourself.

Just like a fountain flows downstream, self-respect flows naturally from the inside out.

Could it be your self-respect keeps dwindling because you built it on and around your environment, your job, your family, your grades, or your status in society and they keep disappointing you daily? How about rather focusing on the knowledge of the hidden treasures you carry?  

A young lady used to carry herself around like the “Queen of Sheba” because of how prominent the dad was in society. Unfortunately, she didn’t discover the true treasure in herself so she could build her self-respect around that. I guess she thought the dad will never die. But the time came and the dad died. It was then she realized her self-respect was reducing. And she latter discovered it was because the foundation upon which she built it was weak.

You must know yourself first if you must develop a sure foundation of self-respect.

It was Amy Leigh Mercree who said, “Deeply respecting yourself is the first step towards having a deep respect for others.” In essence,

How you treat other people reveals what you feel about yourself.

Hardly will you see any good in the people around you if you’re blind to the value you personally carry .

The more you understand the value you carry, the more you respect yourself. And the more you respect yourself, the easier it is to respect others. Why? Because you see the same value in them as you see in yourself. Robert Schuller reiterated this by saying, “As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.

It is tough respecting others if you don’t first respect your own self.

People who don’t care about disrespecting their colleagues, especially when in public, lack this virtue of self-respect. And no matter what they do, they’ll still find it tough. Why? Because they’ve not yet found their self-value nor the respect for themselves, so they can’t give it out to anybody.

It was the same principle Jesus Christ taught when he said, “Whatever you desire that men do unto you, do likewise unto them.” In essence, when you look yourself in the mirror and identify how you need to be treated, then you are in a good position to provide the same treatment to others also. The whole process starts from you and with you. It is when you know it tastes good to you, then you know your neighbor will love it too. And it becomes easy to give it out.

Seek to know your value. And then treat people (no matter their status) the same way you’ll treat your own self. Albert Einstein is a practitioner of this principle. And he said, ”I speak to everyone in the same way whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”

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  1. OPHELIA ASSIBI April 9, 2022 — 7:19 pm

    Respect is reciprocal, Value tells much more about whom you are.
    Do to others what you want them to do to you.
    GREAT PIECE……👍👍👍
    God bless you bro.


    1. Amwn and amen. Awww, I’m really humbled. You’re right mummy. And I’m very much grateful.


  2. Thank you for the message.may the good Lord give you more vision to inspire the world with words of wisdom.🙏


    1. Amen and amen, my boss. I’m humbled. Thank you.


  3. Great thoughts, brother.
    God Bless you very much for sharing.
    I don’t really understand why it’s difficult for us treat people (show love, respect etc.) equally. I love Albert Einstein’s statement.
    Of you


    1. You’re very right boss. Amen and amen. And I’m very much grateful.


  4. Awolba Baba Jones April 14, 2022 — 3:02 am

    Relatively great message


    1. We bless God. And I’m very much grateful boss.


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