No man becomes great until his mind first captures that reality. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. A mediocre is first a product of his mind.

And this is why. In the beginning, God made man and determined that he should function on the fuel of his thoughts. The wisest King, Solomon, discovered this secret and therefore, counsels you and me;

What a man thinks, whether or not he likes it, and whether or not he meant it, he becomes.

What you are, you first thought. Then you believed. Then your faith provided the strength and patience to stay with that possibility until it hatched into reality.  

If you can therefore control your thought, your life will be just as you desired.

Life is a “thought” issue. And you win first in your mind. Maybe you would want to be like Dr. Myles Munroe. Or Bill Gates. Or Bishop David Oyedepo. And that’s a great desire. And I wish you well. But……… Ouch, it’s not enough to desire to be like another man. You must think the thoughts they thought.

No matter your environment, you can’t blame it. Because, your thought is the master architect of your life. Culturing you to your desired destiny. And when you entertain the good ones, they impact the environment of your life. Transforming it into what you want.

You’re at liberty to think on the good or the bad. The productive or unproductive ideas. The healthy or hurtful thoughts. However, the result for any of those choices is certain.

Your thoughts are real. And you can feel their effect even as immediately as the blinking of the eye. Do you remember anytime you think about your debts and there’s no money to redeem it your blood pressure (BP) rises? Yes. It isn’t a manipulation.

So also when a student thinks about the glory and the joy of graduating with a first class (though he’s yet in level 100), a new zeal engulfs him. And he begins to order his studies in that regard. Your thought is your drive.

Do you know why you probably have not experienced most of life’s possibilities? Maybe it’s because you haven’t given them enough thought.

For when you think on a possibility enough times, it can’t, but convert to an experience.

A man becomes great because he thinks on the possibilities of greatness. So also a mediocre. Have you ever wondered how someone you know changes into an armed robber? Hear this. His conversion didn’t happen overnight. He meditated on the act. Believed it. Had patience to plan and design the strategies, and waited for the manifestation. Ouch…. he cooked himself well in his thoughts. And it manifested.  

You may not stop the evil in your environment. But you can stop the rot in your thoughts or mind.

Have you ever wondered why the Creator found no other advice to give to Joshua than tell him to;

….meditate day and night on the principles of the kingdom……?

Yes. Because He knows that you don’t only desire or pray for success. You must think it. Think the principles. Think the path to it. In essence, your thoughts have the power to make or unmake your prayer or your desires.

If the body builder can transfer the same principles unto building his mind, the world can’t stand his impact.

Why do you waste the energy of your thoughts on hatred, competition, comparison, bitterness, hurt, corruption and the like?

There’re better things to stay your mind on. Pure and great thoughts. Lovely ideas. Oooh……honest thoughts you can think on. And they’ll make your profiting to appear unto all.

Yes. If there’s any thought to entertain, think on these things and become them. (Php. 4:8, 1 Tim. 4:15).

What’s your thought on the material? Kindly share it in the comment box below. Thank you.



  1. Wow ,great and contentful ,God bless you and more Grace…in Jesus Name… AMEN 🙏


    1. Awww, I’m humbled. Amen and amen, big madam. I’m very much grateful.


  2. Asimsagbo Ivan Asumbono February 26, 2022 — 4:23 pm

    Indeed, what you feast your mind on that you will become . Great lesson learned. Thank you Sir and God bless you 🙏


    1. You’re right boss. Amen and amen. And I’m very much grateful too.


  3. Great piece. Thank you


    1. You’re ever welcome, boss. And I’m very much grateful too.


  4. Life is actually a thought issue.
    Very Good Content


    1. Yes, mummy. I’m humbled. Thank you and God greatly reward you.


  5. Life is actually a thought issue.
    Very Good Content 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Most of these great nations of today have become this powerful because of the “mind power” they possess.
    To become great and powerful, we need to set our minds to think positive thoughts.
    Well done, bro. May God continue to bless you and empower you.


    1. Amen and amen boss. You’re very right. And I’m very much grateful.


  7. Snr Chemist, well spoken. Our minds can make and unmake us if we so allow it. Think positive win positively. I have an experience, I personally won over a situation that I knew I was weak to. You know what, my victory came as a result of me saying I can overcome it.


    1. I’m very much impressed to hear that. Congratulations in allowing that to work in your life. I’m very much grateful for sharing your personal victory with us also. God reward you greatly.


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