In 2019, I observed a 52-year-old farmer cultivate an acre of land in my area. He first waited for the rains. And then ploughed the land. Then he sowed his seed, observed the various farming practices, and waited patiently for a good harvest. But unfortunately, he could retrieve only 95% of his investment. In 2020, this old man tried again. And guess what? He lost 50% of his investment.

At that point, even me, though always hopeful, I lost interest in him. Because, rarely will a man continue with a business of losses.

But in 2021, I was amazed by what I saw. And it forced me to reverse my earlier decision. This man not only despised the crippling effect of his 50% loss. He dared to try again. And he started afresh. Not sure of the outcome. But hopeful. And guess what? This time, life rewarded his persistence. He obtained not only his investment. He made 28% profit. And I got so interested. So I asked: “Papa, please what motivated you?” And with a smile of hope, he answered;

“Nothing was created to waste nor fail. Only we get tired of restarting after we fail.”

Huh. Truly. Life always has something good to offer. But how many of us can stay long enough with our failures and unfruitfulness until our patience is proven and our persistence rewarded? Failure is not when our attempts receive negative result. But when we despise the opportunity and the energy we possess to try again.

Maybe you couldn’t pass that course or subject. Or you couldn’t get the admission or pay the fees to be admitted. And you’re down hearted. True. And I empathize with you. But instead of looking at the closed door. Focus rather on the opened door before you. The success you seek is waiting for your next attempt. Rise and try again.

Maybe the business didn’t take root as you expected. And you’re considering burying it. But who knows? This year maybe that appointed time for it to flourish. Receive grace to try again.

Probably you’ve already made several attempts to marry. And they were unfruitful. And you wonder whether any of your subsequent attempts will work. But I tell you. Not every man who has a result got it at the first attempt. Therefore, don’t be scared or repelled by your previous result. Just give it a try again. For this may be your year.

Remember, the most fulfilled and strongest people are those who succeed out of many failed attempts. Imagine how enriching and impacting your story will be. All because it’s from the furnace of several tests.

Dare to try again. And be proud of succeeding out of many failed attempts. For those who must win must learn to try again.

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  1. Eye opening revelation
    God bless you sir 🙏🏿


    1. I’m very humbled. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much grateful and God bless you more.


  2. This is a surging piece for a day. It is easy to read and understand. Much more, the reader can easily sense from the writeup the heart of the writer a message of resurgence to all who fail.


    1. I’m very much humbled. Can’t be grateful enough. God grace you and thank you.


  3. It’s encouraging and thoughtful.👍


    1. I’m very much humbled. Thank you and God bless you.


  4. Very inspirational, keep on the fire burning.


    1. I’m humbled, boss. Amen and amen. God bless you and thank you.


  5. GREAT..!
    Don’t Ever Give Up
    Thank you for the encouragement
    God bless you


    1. Amen and amen, mummy. I’m very much grateful.


  6. God bless you for encouraging us all. Great piece.


    1. Amen and amen, my big man. I’m very much grateful.


  7. Great encouragement with deep insight. Keep it up, bro.


    1. I’m humbled oo, RO. And I’m very much grateful.


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