I’ve realized that for some few months now, I have no interest in approaching a mango tree. I don’t know about you. And not that they aren’t there. The number that lines up on the path to my house is near a plantation.

And it baffles me. Because I remember how just some few months ago I used to visit them daily. Just like a man would wait daily on his God. Not for nothing though. But for their aromatic and juicy fruit. However, whiles meditating on why I had zero interest in approaching a mango tree, I was hit with this;

No man pursues a mango tree until he knows he will find some juicy fruits on it.

There and then I understood. That men will pursue you only for their specific needs you can fulfil.

Do you realize anytime you decide to speak with your parents, boss or friends on the phone, you’re forced to first transact business with the Telecom companies? Why? Because they have what you need at that moment. And you need them to fulfil your need. They simply provide the airtime and the platform that permits you to speak with your parents.

Do you also realize that the days you’re fit, you feel the medical doctor doesn’t deserve your patience? But when sickness strikes, you pursue him like an academic program.

Truly, no man pursues another, but for the need they want fulfilled.

A new year in itself makes no man valuable, neither does it place any person in high demand. But the solution you contain and give-out to solve the problem of men. The big question for consideration is, what need of men am I prepared to fulfil?

Have you realized the number of calls you receive in a day depends on people’s need of you to solve their problems? Yes, it measures their problems they feel you can handle. And just like a tailor looks for his lost pin, so you can make men look for you.

There’s no special thing you must do to be extraordinarily in high demand. Only follow these simple steps;

Find the Solution the Creator Built into You

The most difficult step in life is finding the solution the creator built into you to solve men’s problem. However, it’s the easiest path to a fruitful life. Because, it’s the true compass of your life. Your life is too short for you to spend part of it experimenting. Go straight. Find your purpose. And let it steer your life. (I recommend my material: How To Know The Problem You Can Solve)

Practice the 4 Types of Belief

It’s obvious what you don’t believe you may not pursue. And ultimately, you wouldn’t achieve. The worst thing in life is to disbelieve who you are and what you carry. By that, you make foolish the work of your creator. And who will risk his life following you when you don’t believe in your own self? (I recommend my material: 4 Things You Must Believe to Succeed Next Year)

Stir Up Your Gift

Is your gift dormant? Stir it up. Because, that’s the only way to make it come alive for use. Men chase after gifts. Yes, they do. But not the raw ones. I guess you’ll prefer a ripe and juicy mango to an unripe and sour one. Men aren’t different. Just give them what they want.

John C. Maxwell in his book, Talent Is Never Enough, narrates 13 steps to making your talent fruitful. He said,

Belief lifts your talent, Passion energizes it, Initiative activates it, and Focus directs it.

He continued by saying, Preparation positions your talent, Practice sharpens it, Perseverance sustains it, Courage tests it and Teachability expands it.

He finally ended by saying Character protects your talent, Relationships influence it, Responsibility strengthens it, and Team work multiplies it.

Truly, talent alone is not enough.

Present it to Men

Pour out. Dish out the solution that has been built into you. Because, the highest form of life is when you spend it. Just like you have to wait for a bus at the roadside (and not in your room) when travelling, so you must step out else opportunities will pass you by . Step out with your solution.

Don’t die full. For only ‘’fools” seek to be full even in the grave.

Remember, you can make men look for you like a tailor’s pin. What’s keeping you? The time is here. Therefore, get ready to row.

What’s your thought on the material? I guess you’ll love to keep it. But I’ll want you to give it out. Share it with me in the comment box below. Thank you.



  1. very useful information sir
    Hope we all become highly demanded next year🙏


    1. We bless God and I’m grateful.
      Yes. That’s our desire. Amen.


      1. God bless you richly


      2. Amen and amen, madam. And bless you more. I’m very much grateful.


      3. God help us to be more valuable to mankind
        Very Nice 👍👍👍


      4. Amen and amen, mummy. I’m very grateful.

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  2. Awolba Baba Jones May 28, 2022 — 8:13 pm

    That’s great boss

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    1. We bless God, boss. And I’m very much grateful.

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  3. Great piece man of God 🤝. I will be glad to know you more …this is the first time am reading this article,and is ondoubtably an eye opener. bravo 🤝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww. I’m greatly humbled. It’s a privilege having you read my material. I’m very much grateful.

      Liked by 1 person

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