Have you heard? And do you know that Joseph in the bible finally became the prime minister of Egypt? Yes, he made it. And I’m glad for him. And I guess you’re too. But do you know he wouldn’t have gotten there? Yes. The chance was too slim. In fact, to climb to such a height is no joke at all. Because there wasn’t any advantage from his background and his geographical location couldn’t favor him either. However, he still got the position.…….. have you ever wondered how?

Below are his words;

…. be not angry that ye sold me hither: for God sent me before you to preserve life. So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God.” (Gen 45:5-8)

Wow. Can you smell the strength of the aroma of his believe in his dream and its source? I believe that’s what took him to his dream’s fulfilment.

Do you have a dream for next year? If not, why not? Seek one. Because the fuel that drives each year is a dream. However, there’re 4 things you must believe to draw full benefit from your dream. Else, it will suffocate.

Here you have them;

  • Believe in the Source of Your Dream

Imagine you manage your own company and you have other managers under you. And as part of your company’s yearly program, you came up with a vision. But…. ouch, your managers don’t believe in you. I guess you know the outcome. The vision wouldn’t be fulfilled. Why? Because the people to help you fulfil the vision don’t believe in you.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what you do to God’s plan for you when you disbelieve Him though He is the source of your dream. You lose the inspiration to pursue the dream. And if you accept the dream but reject its source, what good is in that? It’s like trying to protect your white shoe on your feet whiles standing on a muddy and sinking ground.

God is the strength and stability of your dream. Have you forgotten the storms? They’ll surely test your dream. Therefore, believe in God, and His ability to preserve and help you fulfil that dream.

  • Believe in the Dream

Have you seen a student who doesn’t believe in the course he is studying? He invests zero or less energy into studying it. So also a dream. You’ll have hard time pursuing it if you don’t believe in it. Your dream for the next year is purposely built for you. It’s a problem in the heart of God and He wants you to solve it. It’s yours. Believe it. And go for it.

  • Believe in Your Ability to Fulfil the Dream

Imagine you gave your child a task to perform. And you know he can do it because of his ability. But, …ouch. He disbelieves what you believe about him. It’s just like when a bird disbelieves its ability to fly. Meanwhile it’s built just for that.

Every manufacturer builds into its product the ability to function. And this is God’s principle. He built into you the solution to the problem He wants to solve, but through you. You can run that dream. Yes, you can.

  • Believe in the Processes of Your Dream’s Fulfilment

The pathway or process you don’t believe in, you wouldn’t travel on. And you wouldn’t get to your destination either. Joseph believed every step he took. And they helped to refine his gift and fulfil his dream. You also, believe and boldly take the giant steps that move your dream closer to its fulfilment. I expect and believe to see your dream fulfilled.

Has it helped you? Kindly share with me in the box below. Thank you.



  1. Very useful inspiration
    Thanks to God for everything 🙏


    1. We thank God, boss. And I’m very grateful.


  2. Thank you very much, Good advice. God bless you.


    1. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very grateful.


  3. I have learnt alot , thanks 🙏


    1. We bless God. You’re ever welcome. I’m very much grateful too.


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