Have you ever read tribute at a funeral? Or have you ever witnessed one being read? Do you think it affected the dead person in any way? Wouldn’t it have been more useful if he had been informed of his tribute before he died?

Tribute is a summary of the history of one’s life on earth, not exempting its positive and negative influence on life and fellow men.

While it’s important to graph (by yourself) the impact of your actions and inactions, it’s better to hear it from those you influence daily. For then, there’s neither fear nor favor and therefore no bias in judgement.

But it’s rather unfortunate we’ve gotten the timing of releasing this vital information to their owners all wrong. Can the dead hear, and can he that is dead respond or make changes? Yet, we limit our tributes, reading them only at funerals. What a tragedy!

No matter how great or small, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, influential or otherwise, we all are graphing a story of our impact every day.

And there’s nothing as powerful as the story of your spent life, because it can both testify for or against your own self.

The story or information the dead didn’t know or hear about himself before dying is useless and only noisome, no matter how loud they echo it at his funeral.

In other words, an attempt to inform the dead of his good or bad is an unwise step and leads to a dead communication.

Tribute is not meant for only external ears, but for the hearing of the owner as well. Why? It offers him the opportunity to hear, appreciate and make changes if need be before dying.

The worst time to read tribute to someone is when he is dead. You truly don’t love your mother, father, siblings, or friends if the only time you read tribute to them is when they are dead.

If, as a minister or a shepherd of the flock of Christ, you only read tributes to your members when they can’t hear it because they are dead, you aren’t doing well.

Tributes should be heard when one still has life in himself, not when he is deaf, mute, and dead. This is why;

  1. It informs the owner how people are being influenced (positively or negatively) by his actions. You will and can never know the impact of your life on men until they tell you. That’s why Jesus asked, “Who do men say I am?
  2. It also offers the opportunity to know and improve in your good towards people and their desires. The best time to do this is when you are still living. Therefore, get closer and be concerned about what tribute people are writing about you.
  3. Finally, it grants the opportunity to correct your wrong and unhealthy approach to life and people. That’s why Jesus asked the woman caught in adultery, “where are your enemies, have they hurt you, I hope I didn’t hurt you either”? Go and sin no more.

Remember, the tribute to your mother, father, siblings or friend, is useless and not needed if you are reserving it only for the day when they can’t hear it (when they are dead).

What is more important than making them hear what you’ll echo about them during their funeral? Therefore, call them and sound it to them now so they can be encouraged by it.

Remember, what someone needs to hear and move a step further in their life is the praise and appreciation in your tribute to them. Therefore, release it now!

Has the material help you in any way? Gladly share that with me in the comment box below. I’m grateful!


  1. Who do men say I am?
    That is a probing question, needing much thoughts. Grace unto you.


    1. Sure. Amen and amen. I’m very grateful and God reward you greatly.


  2. Great piece


    1. Thank you very much and God bless you.


  3. Wow.
    Great piece
    God bless you


    1. Awww, we bless God for that.
      Amen and amen. God reward you greatly.


  4. And there’s nothing as powerful as the story of your spent life, because it can both testify for or against your own self~
    Solomon Dzade
    God bless you🙏🏿


    1. Amen and amen, boss. I’m very much grateful.


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