Your death will bring no pain to the world but peace and celebration, unless it is realized you still had some reserve of ideas, gifts, and potentials you could’ve poured out before dying. Oh! Ooh!! Why die full of ideas and gifts when the world chases hard after them? Why must we cry in pain and agonize just because your time is up to go? Yes, we know we would have to inevitably live with the pain of the presence of your absence, but at least, leave your ideas and gifts with us. For none else has it, no other person can produce such ideas and gifts. Rob us not of our smile, else your satisfaction is endangered. For those who must smile with satisfaction on their death bed must learn to pour out the content of the vessel that holds their ideas and gifts.

No man receives anything unless given him by the source of all things, God. According to the perspective and design of the creator, nothing must return void. In essence, all creatures, including the ants, were made to be fruitful and exude a blessing to their environment. Therefore, no gift, nor idea of yours, goes back to Him without first accomplishing its desired and designed purpose. In other words, no unused gift or idea goes beyond the grave but remains in the heart of it. A leftover gift therefore has no use, neither is it needed and therefore a waste. What then is the difference between you who have, but is a waste, and he who has not?

The highest state of life is to be spent. For life is simply a span of time you have to pour out what the owner has kept in you. A man fully poured out is not just successfully productive but also fruitfully a blessing, exuding its content to influence its environment. Life is not about how much you choose to give out, rather, pouring out the whole content of your vessel. Ooh, what a foolery it will be for you to still be full of ideas and gifts on the last day of your departure from this life! Even the mad man will be more honorable than you.

Life only rewards you base on what you’ve poured out and not what you’ve kept back. Even men remember you for what you’ve spent, not what you didn’t pour out. It’s therefore foolery to keep back but wisdom to scoop out and disperse. The most pitiable and yet wicked people are those departing and yet still possessing fully filled shells of ideas and gifts. If Jesus Christ, Paul the apostle, Thomas Edison, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin and the others had not died empty, ooh…., the world would’ve missed all the massive changes their ideas and gifts effected. No gift, I mean no gift is needed up yonder and therefore;

  1. Identify: Seek to know what the owner has put in you so you don’t live like one who beats the air. Like a compass, your life is designed to move and prosper in the direction of what is put inside of you.
  2. Stirup:  The greatest counsel from a mentor to his mentee is to stir-up his gift. Stir-up, polish and multiply the gift until it can be poured out.
  3. Locate: Find exactly the scope of your gift. It matters to know the “where” of your gift.
  4. Pour out: Only tilt that vessel of yours and you are ready to be spent. Remember, the reward is only in the pouring out.

Remember, leave nothing, and keep nothing, for the owner has no need of a left over!

What is your assessment of the material? Has it been of help? Kindly share with me in the comment box below. I’m grateful.


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