The height of every high rising building is a function of the depth of its foundation. Deep truth, right? Interestingly, this truth doesn’t apply only to buildings, for life itself has its root in this. It will therefore be foolery to build a three storey-building on a single storey foundation. Life is fair, but only men don’t judge correctly. For what a man sows, that shall he reap as well. The extent to which you can draw meaning out of life is determined by the depth of your understanding and the price you pay for a formidable foundation. It’s only when you know how much you’ve invested, then “you know you know” you can’t quit despite the challenges of life.

It’s true the foundation is the stabilizer of all the other components of the building and you need to invest as much in it. But do you have to spend all your years on only that? No! It’s not enough to have time, you must develop the skill to divide and allocate it rightly, else it is abused. When you invest the right time and other resources into the foundation, it’s time to change levels and move to the next step.

Unfortunately, many dreams are not fulfilled, businesses are not built, families are not established, projects are not completed and many professionals have not achieved their goals because they spend all or too many of their years building only the foundation. Wasteful expenditure! “I’m still working on it, I want to be perfect before I move to the next level, I’m afraid it may not work, I’m still not satisfied with it yet”, are some excuses people give for spending all or too many of their years on the foundation level. If all buildings were ended at the foundation level, none would be inhabited.

Yes! Seek to build a good foundation and don’t be hasty to outdoor yourself or move to the next level, but don’t also spend all or too many of your years on only the foundation. There must be a balance! Do you have adequate capital to start the business? Why wait? Do it! Have you adequate resources to go into marriage? Do it. Waiting to have everything before you marry is vanity and lack of wisdom. Begin to pursue your dream with the little resources you’ve gathered so far, because man never gets satisfied with substance and enough is never enough with him. How many years do you want to spend in order to know God and His word before you start preaching the gospel when you can start now?

Arise! You’ve spent enough time on that foundation, therefore move to the next level.

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  1. Life transforming message, God bless you sir, more Grace to your handwriting.


    1. We bless God. Amen and bless you more. I’m grateful too


  2. MARGARET AKOTIAH April 17, 2021 — 5:21 pm

    God bless you more and more.


    1. Amen and amen oo big madam. May He bless you more. I’m grateful


  3. It very refreshing reading. God bless you


    1. We bless God. Amen and bless you more. I’m grateful


  4. Great piece but where from life is fair only men judge incorrectly?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We bless God, boss. I’m so grateful for your response. The truth being portrayed here is that, life gives back exactly what you have invested in it. But we men judge life to be wrong even if it is giving us back what we have sowed. So therefore, life is fair, but only that, men judge wrongly. I’m grateful once again.


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